Neighborhood no longer safe

I still live in the same town where I grew up.

It is a farming community where most everyone knows each other.

The houses are set extremely far apart and surrounded by vineyards, orchards and fields of strawberries, tomatoes, beans and pumpkins. It is a really gorgeous area and wonderful place to raise a family. Until recently, we never worried about crime. We never bothered to lock doors and typically left the keys in the ignition of our vehicles. Unfortunately, things have changed for the worse and our neighborhood is no longer totally safe. There has been a series of vandalism, theft and home invasions. There have been numerous reports of doors being kicked in during the middle of the day. These people drive from one house to the next, running through the various rooms and grabbing anything of value. I was having trouble sleeping at night and uncomfortable returning home to an empty house after work. I finally invested in a complete home security system. I hired a company to install automated door locks, window open/close sensors, motion activated lights, surveillance cameras and an alarm system. If anyone approaches the front or back door or opens a window, I get an alert on my phone. Plus, an alarm sounds and the proper authorities are notified. I’ve read that one of the best benefits of a security system is that it deters crime. My house is less likely to be burglarized now that we have it protected. I certainly feel more safe and secure. I like the ability to check the live video feed and know exactly what’s going on.



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