The gym has been great for our relationship

I am thankful for everything my parents provided for me growing up.

However, I have learned the wrong way to have a relationship from them. They had a combative life together. The house was always filled with tension and arguments. I don’t want that discord with my spouse. One of the ways we work together is with our gym membership. That sounds odd but working out together at the health and fitness club is a means of strengthening our marriage. As our kids started growing older and our jobs became more stressful, we noticed that the first thing we gave up was our time with each other. That is bad for any marriage. The two of us tried to have a date night every week and were fairly good about it. However, we were so exhausted from our responsibilities and work that it just wasn’t all that fun. This led us to attempting to improve our health and fitness while also spending time as a couple. The local health center has been ideal for achieving our goals. We really enjoy our workout programs. We take yoga classes together. We have joined a number of group fitness training classes and had a great time. It’s been wonderful to have these hours together several times per week. And we’ve improved our health and fitness due to fitness coaching. The nutritional programs have really helped change the way we are eating home. I’m just so thankful that we signed up for a gym membership and made these improvements to our relationship, health and fitness.


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