The maid service wasn’t too bad

My sister-in-law started toiling for a company that supplied maid service to the local businesses. She entirely appreciated the work, and she couldn’t believe how great her tips were. She told me that since I didn’t have a job at that time, I should sign up to work with the same maid service she was working for. She was so thrilled when I agreed to go to her company and put in an application. I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to work for a maid service. I was an educated and trained company supervisor. It wasn’t my fault the company decided to shut their doors. I thought I would find another job in a reasonable amount of time, but there weren’t a bunch of people who wanted to hire someone in their fifties. The people at the maid service seemed nice enough and they helped me to learn my job. I ended up toiling days at a single one of the giant casino resorts in our area. I could always tell when the people in the room had won huge money that night. They consistently left me a sizable tip. If they were just there for good times, I often didn’t get anything. The maid service never asked us if the people I was with and I got tips, they simply paid us a fair wage. I thought for certain I would be out of the whole business of being a maid, within a year. I had just passed my first year as a maid, and I was still appreciating it. I got to talk to a lot of amazing people and my sister-in-law was right about the tips. They were quite a bit better than I had thought.


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