The real estate broker helped with our search

My wife and I expect to close on the sale of the house in three weeks

After living in an apartment for three years, my wife and I finally started to look for a house. The search was more difficult than the two of us hoped. We had a lot of trouble getting homeowners to give us a show without a realtor. My wife and I were trying very hard not to use a realtor, because we didn’t want to spend more money than necessary on our home. My wife and I spent weeks and weeks searching for the perfect home. After having no luck with anything, my wife and I decided to call a real estate broker. We found a couple of people with great online reviews. We met with the real estate broker last weekend and the woman was very kind and helpful. One of my coworkers gave me her name. She helped the guy found a house last year. The real estate broker had a list of homes for sale and she was ready to take us to see every property on the list. A couple of the places were homes that my wife and I already tried to see. The real estate broker made it much easier to complete the sale on our home. We found the perfect place in our price range that weekend. We had to pay a small commission fee to the real estate broker, but those fees were paid by the seller of the home. My wife and I expect to close on the sale of the house in three weeks. We are excited to move to the property and finally stop paying rent for an apartment.


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