Vaccination messes with workout

I’ve been restricted to those exercises that don’t involve my arms.

I workout every morning without fail. I typically devote an hour to my fitness regiment. My workout consists of a combination of high intensity aerobics, weight lifting, lunges, squats, ab crunches and stretching. I make an effort to change up the specific exercises to work different muscles. Three days ago, I got the covid vaccine. I requested to have the shot in my left arm because I’m right-handed. I expected it to sting a little and assumed the arm would be slightly sore. I didn’t realize that my arm would feel as if I’d been hit with a baseball bat or that I’d be unable to lift it. The pain is gradually diminishing, but it has been a huge inconvenience. I’ve had difficulty sleeping at night, because I can’t get comfortable on my left side. If I roll over in my sleep, I wake up due to the discomfort. I’ve struggled to wash and brush my hair. The ache in my arm has totally disrupted my workout. I have been unable to go through my normal warmup and stretching routine. Placing my hands behind my head to do ab crunches was not possible. Lifting weights was out of the question. I’ve been restricted to those exercises that don’t involve my arms. I’ve done lots of lunges, squats, leg lifts and running. I managed to ride my bicycle and jump rope, although it caused me some discomfort. I’ve now neglected all arm exercises for three full days and the pain isn’t entirely gone. I’m already dreading the second shot in three weeks.

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