Working with no climate control is no fun

When my wife got a job as a rural postal carrier I was impressed.

Working for the federal government is nothing to sneeze at.

The best part is that she can work part time and still make a lot of money. She is happy and I am happy for her. There is only one small problem: those postal trucks don’t have climate control. My wife started working over two months ago and she always comes home freezing cold in the afternoons. As soon as she gets in the door she rushes to the thermostat and cranks it up to about 85 degrees. The rest of us bake while she thaws out a bit. I bet it will be just as bad in the summertime. Then the air conditioner will be set as high as it can go as soon as she gets home. I can’t blame her. I would do the same thing if I spent all day in an uncomfortable truck delivering mail. That is why I got her a smart thermostat for Christmas. She’s wanted one for a while now. I even got it professionally installed. So now my wife can adjust the thermostat as soon as she is done with her last letter and the house will be nice and comfortable for her as soon as she opens the door. I can’t wait to see how happy she is when she finds out. Meanwhile, I hope she gets me a little fan and maybe a space heater. Then I can stay comfortable too, in the afternoons, while I work from home.

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