Can’t imagine energy bill – never had AC cleaning

I’m the type of person who sticks to a budget after I create one.

  • If you go through all the trouble of making big decisions in your life, I highly recommend that you just stick to them.

It is a lot more exhausting to start second-guessing yourself and rethinking all of your plans. This is why I have been very strict about sticking to my heating, cooling, and air quality control program which was established with the help of an indoor air temperature control specialist. To be clear, I only call out my favorite indoor air quality control dealership 2 times a year. I budget for one air conditioning repair appointment in the spring and 1 furnace inspection before winter sets in. I always try to keep up with my Professional heating, cooling, and air quality control maintenance appointment so that I can also adhere to my heating, cooling, and ventilation budget for the rest of the Year. This is why I do not cut any corners when it comes to cleaning my air ducts, inspecting my air handling devices, and making minor repairs before they turn into large issues. However, I know that not everybody has the same approach when it comes to their central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. In particular, my best friend has to run the most expensive HVAC system on the planet. Why? Because she refuses to call a professional HVAC technician for routine maintenance services. She has lived in the same house for 20 years and the air duct work has never even been cleaned. I’m surprised she can afford to feed herself, with that HVAC strategy.
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