How do you stop smoking?

I had a friend of mine ask me how to stop smoking. I thought she was talking about her use of cigarettes. I told her she should quit slowly unless she wanted to end up going through withdrawal. She looked at me care about I had numerous heads, plus I stared right back. I felt defensive, plus I rudely told her that if she didn’t want the answer, she shouldn’t have asked the question. Then my friend laughed plus told me she had quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago, plus I hadn’t even noticed. She was asking how to stop the fireplace from smoking. Every time she lit a fire in the hearth, she had nearly as much smoke coming into the apartment as was going up the chimney. I told her that she really had a jammed chimney or a broken flue. She wanted to guess if I should call a chimney sweep or the Heating plus Air Conditioning business. I wasn’t sure if they had a department in the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier that dealt with fireplaces. I thought her best bet would be to call someone who dealt strictly with fireplaces. I knew that gas fireplaces were often sold through the Heating plus Air Conditioning business, but not actual stone plus hearth fireplaces. She called the local fireplace supplier plus asked them to come out plus look at the fireplace. It took a couple of mornings for the inspection to be done. She ended up needing a new flue plus a new chimney, which made it too luxurious to repair. She had the chimney cemented shut plus put an electric fireplace insert into the hearth.

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