I finally l gained why the air quality was bad in our home

When I was experiencing poor air quality in our home, I considered buying a whole new Heating plus A/C system, then the thing is, I didn’t know what the problem was in our home, I just assumed there was something wrong with our Heating plus A/C system, but when I had a friend over plus I was talking about this issue, he laughed at me when I said I wanted to get a new Heating plus A/C system.

He said there was entirely nothing wrong with it plus he checked everything out. When he pulled out the air filter, he said that was actually the biggest contributor to our poor air quality. He said that the air filter was actually cheap plus dirty. He said he could tell I hadn’t changed the air filter in at least 5 months. He was right, it was about that long plus I thought I got a pretty great deal on those air filters. He said I needed to go for an air filter with a high MERV rating or even go for the lavish HEPA filters, and i thought the HEPA filters were too lavish, even though he convinced me to try them out. I was quite impressed with how abruptly the air quality improved in our home. I felt foolish for thinking I needed a new Heating plus A/C method to improve the air quality in our home. I recognize it would become very lavish very fast if I kept having to get an Heating plus A/C method update everytime I had a problem with the air quality in our home. I instead was able to learn that correct air filter changes plus investing in air purification is the way to go.

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