My sister thought that she could live separate from a/c

My sister moved down south last year to be with her boyfriend, plus she told me that she was going to save cash by not having any a/c while she was there.

I guess the beach house that she was renting had more than one bizarre units available.

One had a/c plus then the other one didn’t. Of course, the one separate from cooling system was cheaper by about a hundred dollars a month plus so our sister opted to go with that one. I told her that she was deranged if she thought that she was going to be able to live down there separate from any a/c, you would have to guess our sister, but she is really one of the most spoiled people ever. She’s always lived at beach beach house with our parents plus they have one of the best Heating plus Air Conditioning systems that are available on the market this week. I think that our sister takes the good indoor air pollen levels in their beach house for granted, plus she just assumed that everywhere was appreciate our parents’ house. When she told me that she was going to transport to the southern section of the country, I told her that she would be good in the high temperatures down there as long as she had a good cooling system. But then when she told me that she had chosen a cheap beach house separate from cooling system, it was all that I could do not to laugh! I don’t guess how long she will last down there, even though I guess it’s not going to be through a whole summer!
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