Not going to add a hot tub

My home has an affixed, screened lanai, then i have taken that room for myself, and my hubby gets the backyard shed, I get the lanai; Constantly she is trying to take it from myself and others or put some of her stuff in there… She keeps talking about how nice it would be to keep tools in our lanai.

  • Then she tries leaving her shoes plus dirty clothes there, but no way is that happening.

Recently she menoited putting a hot tub on the lanai. I use the space to work out. I like having a long part to run, jump rope plus put down folding mats, and a hot tub would totally split the space. Additionally, that would look so trashy having a hot tub in our screened lanai. I could be in the hot tub plus watch our dining room TV at the same time. Anyone in our backyard could see myself and others in our swimsuit. My hubby is all gung ho because the people I was with and I have a boiler system. It would be easy to hook up piping to the boiler plus then use it to heat our hot tub. I guess our hubby wouldn’t want to hire a Heating plus A/C supplier to do the task. I picture bare pipes kneeling throughout our home plus affixing to an ugly hot tub. My hubby wouldn’t care if it looked good, as long as it was functional. The icing on the cake is that I don’t even like hot tubs either. All of us live down south, who needs extra heating? I guess I wouldn’t use it. She keeps begging for it however it is not happening.

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