The Kangaroos Pouch

The pouch also provides the perfect environment for developing kids.

I’m sure that humans plus kangaroos have a common genetic ancestor that dates back millions of years. I’m just thankful that I ended up human instead of having to spend our formative years in a pouch plus our adult life hopping about in the Australian Outback, but one remaining commonality is that both marsupial plus human mothers must disinfect up after their youngsters (or joeys) This is where kangaroos may have the better system. That pouch is a multi-use tote where the joey lives for up to multiple years. Instead of running all over the house to disinfect up after a toddler, all the kangaroo mom needs to do is disinfect out the pouch… Kangaroo moms in the wild use their snouts plus long tongues to disinfect the “doctorry”. Had kangaroos developed intelligence plus become the dominant species, then I imagine that some sort of “pouch diaper” would have been developed to avoid that unpleasant task. The pouch also provides the perfect environment for developing kids. Humans have to rely on heating plus cooling systems in hospital doctorries plus later in homes where Heating plus Air Conditioning systems protect plus nurture the “bundle of joy” lying in the crib. This is identifiably crucial in the first year of life because babies can’t regulate their body un-even temperatures savor adults do. Sudden swings in the ambient temperature can cause more than just mild discomfort, it can cause life-threatening conditions savor hypothermia, dehydration, plus even SIDS, a tragic event that may be triggered by overheating. Mother Nature takes care of kangaroos, Expectant parents are recommended to have their Heating plus Air Conditioning units cleaned plus took care of by a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning tech plus to install fresh filters before welcoming that up-to-date addition to the family to its up-to-date home.

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