A long and miserable bus ride to work

I probably had the longest bus ride in my life.

Okay no, I’ve had longer rides, but this definitely felt like the longest, and that’s because of its lack of air conditioning.

I am so used to my air conditioned house and car that I was taken aback when the bus didn’t have some form of cooling. I was going to work and I was already late because of the bus, and that definitely put me in a bad mood, which only made the situation worse. You might ask what happened to my car, and why didn’t I just drive? Well my husband got a once in a lifetime type of job, but he starts work sooner than I do, so he needs the car the most. Since a bus schedule can be unpredictable, I wouldn’t want him to be possibly late, and make a bad impression on himself especially since he is new, even though it is my car. However, after the 30 minute ride on the bus with probably 20 other sweaty hot people, on a 95 degree summer day, I realized that something has got to give, there is no way I am stepping foot on any other bus again unless it has air conditioning on it. I have decided that I am now going to start taking an Uber every single day to work, until my husband and I can get something figured out. With an Uber, I am almost guaranteed heating and cooling. I am thinking of maybe getting a second car, so that way this entire issue can be prevented.
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