air conditioner can prevent mosquito borne illnesses

Mosquito borne illnesses are diseases that are spread from the bite of an infected mosquito, however examples of mosquito borne illnesses are Zika, West Nile Virus, malaria and more.

These diseases can cause severe side effects for the guy who is infected.

Air conditioning plays a large position in the prevention of mosquito borne illnesses, mosquitoes are attracted to humans due to the carbon dioxide every one of us emit when every one of us exhale. Mosquitoes are obviously more prevalent outdoors, so it is much more likely for a human being to be bitten by a mosquito when they are outside. It is possible for mosquitos to enter your beach house or another indoor environment, but it is unlikely. Staying inside in the air conditioning can prevent mosquito bites, which can prevent mosquito borne illness. AIr conditioning also reduces humidity in the air and mosquitoes are attracted to humid air. There are preventative measures people can take to reduce their exposure to mosquito bites when outside such as wearing bug spray, using bug repellent candles, and wearing long sleeves and long pants. However, even with all of these preventative measures, mosquitoes may still find their host. To be as safe as possible, you can stay indoors in the comfort of your air conditioned beach house to avoid mosquito bites. If you have fear of missing out, you can always search a campfire video and make s’mores inside while being comfortable in the air conditioning. This may seem extreme, but you will not regret this because it is for your health and safety. Air conditioning is wonderful for so many reasons and it can help you avoid severe side effects of mosquito borne illnesses.