Choosing to invest in a stationary bike

Living in a small town makes for a lengthy trip to the grocery store, gas station or post office.

We don’t have quick availability to theaters or restaurants, and paying for a gym membership is a wasted investment.

The travel time is simply too long to make it feasible. Because of this, I have created a home gym in an unused bedroom! If the weather is moderate, I prefer running, cycling or laying out my yoga mat outside. Because I live in the northern area of the country, the weather keeps me inside for most of the year. I’ve steadily increased my collection of exercise gear. Since everything is very expensive, I started with the basics. At first, my home gym inventory only consisted of a yoga mat and a few hand weights. I then added a couple of resistance bands, jump rope and a weighted pole. I had to save to afford a weight bench and some kettlebells. A few months ago, I was ready to make a much bigger investment into a more complex piece of equipment. I debated over buying a treadmill, because running is such a beneficial way to workout. I know the impact on the joints of the knees, hips and ankles can result in soreness and ongoing problems. Plus, a treadmill gets tedious and I would rather run outside. I considered the purchase of a rowing machine but this type of equipment takes up a lot of space. I finally settled on a stationary bike because it fit all of my criteria. The unit is nicely compact, quiet and eliminates stress on my joints. I can burn a tremendous amount of calories in a short time. The bike offers a wide variety of programs and allows me to easily increase intensity. A user-friendly touchscreen provides lots of information such as the amount of calories burned, distance traveled, time spent and choice of program. I can use the built-in fan, listen to music and read on my kindle while I pedal.
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