Group fitness classes are a great way to meet people and get healthy

Working through my computer from my home makes it a challenge to make and keep friendships.

The majority of my friends from college have moved out of state for job opportunities, family, or graduate school.

Most days, the only social interaction I get is purely digital. I realized that loneliness and a sedentary lifestyle were taking a negative toll on my health and happiness. I needed to make some changes, get out of the house and focus on my well-being. I decided to join a group physical training class. I figured this would provide a way to meet new people while also getting me more active. There are several gyms and fitness centers in my area. I was initially overwhelmed by the choices. I checked out the amenities provided by the different locations and eventually chose the health plus fitness center in closest proximity to my home. They offer lower membership fees and a wide selection of group training classes. I like that there is something different offered at all times of day throughout the week and on weekends. I had my choice between cross-fit, HIIT training, spin, pilates, yoga and kickboxing. They are even planning to start up a jump rope class. I am taking a class every single day of the work week. I sign up for whatever is available at the end of my workday. I’ve already met some wonderful people. I have some of the same people in several of the classes and we’ve started going out for dinner and drinks after the workout. I feel stronger, more energetic and confident. I look forward to heading to the fitness center.

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