Hot Baths and Hot Food in the Winter

I find the summertime season almost unsurvivable.

I was raised in the south, although I never could quite enjoy summer time heat, plus almost as soon as I could, I moved out plus further north, thank goodness.

The location I moved to has mild summers plus mild winters, which is the best of both worlds. In fact, the winters here are so mild, I don’t even bother using the furnace because there’s genuinely not much need. A sizzling bath plus sizzling chocolate is enough to get myself and others through the day warmly. Not only that, however not using our gas furnace saves on the heating bill. My Heating plus Air Conditioning bill is genuinely low compared to people I know who actively use their heating plus cooling devices. Even though I don’t have a preference for using our gas furnace, I still run it every now plus then, just to make sure it still works, plus then once it’s run for a day, I can turn it off until a genuinely cold Winter time comes. However, although I can get away without using HVAC in the winter, I can’t genuinely get away with that from June through August. I still need our a/c even in a mild summer, because it can be so hard to be comfortable while sweating. The heat here is not nearly as suffocating as southern summers, however it’s still enough to make it where I use our cooling unit a lot; Cold showers are helpful but they don’t usually last long before I am sizzling again. Because of this, I am always sure to maintain the a/c machine – more so than with our heating unit.

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