I worried about my upcoming plane trip.

I’m not one who enjoys taking plane trips.

There is something about giving up my control.

When I’m flying, I can’t stop when I want, or even get something to eat when I’m hungry. Everything is controlled by the pilots on the plane. It doesn’t give me a comfortable feeling. The other thing I hate about airplanes is that the HVAC system is not the best. They say you have personal air vents to keep comfortable. It’s a small round nozzle that will blow warm or cool air, but it doesn’t do any good. If they could give you real heat or air conditioning, it may not be so bad. Air conditioning would also help to calm the nerves of those passengers who don’t enjoy flying so much. I had no choice but to fly, so I figured I may as well relax. I sat in the airport lounge waiting for my group to be boarded. It was almost too cold where I sat. I could feel the AC blowing on my head. I almost wished I could get on the airplane and have the poor HVAC. The only problem with this, is that with poor HVAC comes poor air quality. By the time you get off the airplane, you have a headache and a runny nose. It seems like all the air quality of the plane does for me causes my allergies to act up. I guess I shouldn’t have been worrying so much about the plane trip, since I had no choice in going. I’ll just do the best I can with the personal HVAC controls.


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