Local Heating and Cooling company Needs Better Employees

I am not a fan of the local heating plus a/c business.

  • As of recently I have had nothing but terrible experiences, plus it’s not enjoyable.

I can transfer on to another Heating plus Air Conditioning business, because the local heating plus a/c company is the only 1 in our little city. Anyways, disappointment has happened many times, however what I will do is I will call to schedule maintenance or a repair with the Heating plus Air Conditioning location. The last time I asked them to come out was for installing a smart control unit, something simple plus easy, that should be able to be completed quickly. I set a call into the Heating plus Air Conditioning location, plus they set an appointment for 11:30 am. 11:30 came plus went plus no Heating plus Air Conditioning professional showed up. When it was 1:00 I called plus asked them what was the problem? Well it turns out they had lost our appointment, plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker that was supposed to be at my house installing our smart control machine was on another job, so would have to reschedule; So while mildly annoying, I rescheduled for the following morning at 9:00 am; Of course the Heating plus Air Conditioning workman never graced my doorstep, plus I called the heating plus cooling corporation plus they had another pathetic reason for it. I scheduled a third time, plus it happened again. At that point, they were full on ignoring my attempts to reach them and not even answering our calls. I don’t get angry at the drop of a hat, however it’s knowing they could do better that is frustrating. I’m sure they are losing other clients if they treat their shoppers this way, plus I am sure I’m not the only 1. I don’t think I am going to get any non-emergency Heating plus Air Conditioning job done for a while because of their attitude.