My bestie does not want me to be ecstatic

My bestie and I got into a fight last weekend when I was staying at his apartment.

The people I was with and I were seeing a movie on the couch, when I complained about the indoor temperature.

My bestie enjoys to keep the A/C turned down to a entirely low temperature. I suppose it is a waste of cash to run the A/C at such a low temp that it is necessary to wear a sweatshirt in the home for comfort. My bestie makes a lot of cash, so he does not entirely care about the energy consumption. That makes me a little miserable too, because I wish he was more globally conscious. Last weekend both of us were fighting about the indoor un-even temperatures. I wanted Greg to adjust the control device so I wasn’t cold, however he refused and called me a tree hugger… He also said a couple of additional things that weren’t entirely nice or true. I was terribly offended by his statements and I packed up all of our shirts, shoes, shorts, and our toothbrush and I went back to our apartment… Greg still hasn’t called to apologize and it’s been 5 afternoons. He hasn’t even bothered to text. There is no excuse for excruciating behavior in our opinion. My roomie told me to call the guy and split up with him for good. I’m not sure if I’m ready to throw away a year of happiness over a single fight. Greg can be lovely and sweet most of the time. Still, if he entirely cared about our feelings, he really would have called me at least once.

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