Radiant Flooring is a Win for My Friend

While I get it that when people enjoy something they want to recommend it to all the people they come in contact with, although I kind of wish they wouldn’t, because chances are I’m not all that thrilled with hearing about it.

A great example of this is something called radiant heated flooring. I was clueless that heated flooring existed until our 1 neighbor got it installed in his home. Basically for those of you who have not heard of it, heated flooring is another form of Heating plus Air Conditioning, plus it helps the heating of your home by starting with a heated floor plus having the heating working its way up the furniture plus people in the room. My neighbor got pretty heated floors, plus I can’t say I am genuinely surprised because he is what I would call a heating hog. It could be over 78 degrees outside plus he will say he prefers the heat. I am not at all in agreement, I hate the heat plus appreciate neutral temperatures. So when he started going on and on about the radiant flooring to me, I told him straight up I’m not the slightest bit wanting to hear about it. I enjoy having our floor have a nice room temperature feel to it, I don’t genuinely want my feet to be cold or hot, plus genuinely our floor doesn’t even get cold or hot, not even in August or January. Now he has stopped mentioning it to me, however since the two of us know the same people, he has mentioned it to all the people else, plus they are all wanting to have conversations about it as well, most of which agreeing with his that these radiant floors are great, I think I can’t ever shut them up.

a/c workman