Reusable A/C Filters are Better Bargain

For the longest time, the only type of Heating plus Air Conditioning filter I knew of was the disposable kind.

It turns out there are other a/c filters.

I discovered reusable air filters. I was immediately in love with the reusable 1s. I think I like them because I always hated using the expensive disposable kind of Heating plus Air Conditioning filters. I think all of our friends use the HEPA a/c filters, plus they would much rather go through a whole pack of HEPA filters plus throw them all in the garbage, plus then just keep buying more, rather than use an a/c filter that could be cleaned and then last for years. I always hated disposing of things, although I think they served their purpose, it always irritates myself and others as if it’s going to waste. Anyways, when I came across the reusable air filters, I expected there to be a catch of some sort, however to our surprise, there was no catch. That is, unless you consider you having to scrub them a catch. I am fine with cleaning them. You don’t have to scrub them that often plus they save you a bucket load of money every year so, what’s not to love? The reusable filters are great for your gas furnace plus air conditioner plus they cost less money in the long run, because they last for years! I obtained mine, plus all I have to do is clean them out every so often plus I am good. I keep suggesting the permanent a/c filter to our friends, however all of our friends are still more interested in using disposable filters, but that’s okay, because I am ecstatic I could finally find a less expensive a/c air filter that works for me.


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