Stop using social media like a regular person would

If someone says something mean on one of my posts I will get mad and fire back.

I finally quit Twitter. I think that people rag on Facebook all the time for being a hub of political malcontents and weirdos, however it’s got nothing on Twitter! What makes it worse is that so many people there are flat out mean. On Facebook I can post a picture of my husband and I, and people say nice things. On Twitter, someone will pop up and say something bad about my husband’s looks, or my physique. It is disappointing, especially since I just joined it to promote my business, and it is useless for that as well. I spoke to a neighbor recently, and he has been dealing with a digital marketing business and getting some pretty good results. He was telling me that my problem was using social media like a guy would, instead of approaching it like a marketing business. One of the benefits of outsourcing all of your social media activity to a digital marketing business is that they don’t have that personal connection that leads to online arguments. If someone says something mean on one of my posts I will get mad and fire back. The digital marketing business doesn’t care, they just delete the comment and move on with business. My neighbor commanded me to keep on using social media for my personal life, however to hand over the business side of it to a digital marketing dealer. She also provided me contact info for the digital marketing rep he has been working with, so I am hoping for similar results. Wish me luck!


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