The price was too superb to be true.

I hate when my partner goes shopping with his brother.

You never suppose what they’re going to bring home with them.

One time they brought home a canoe and all of us aren’t within a hundred miles of a river or even a lake. The people I was with and I live in the desert. Another time, they went shopping and came home with multiple, not 1 but multiple, stuffed moose heads. They thought they would look superb in the basement where all of us had the bar. They wanted to put 1 at each end of the bar. I told my partner that if they bought anything stupid, it had to go to his brother’s house. He kissed my forehead and asked when they had ever bought anything stupid. I wanted to remind them about the moose heads and the canoe, but my brother-in-law’s fiance had already warned him. They were gone for several sixths and I was getting worried. My sibling-in-law called and asked if they had gotten here yet. It was about that time that I heard the truck roll in. The entire back of the truck was loaded with window a/cs and space heaters. I asked what they planned to do with all the portable Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment. They thought they could put it in the newspaper. I wanted to suppose if the A/C units or space furnaces worked. They looked at each other. Neither had thought about that, but the price was too superb to be true. They sold numerous a/cs and the fourteen space furnaces and several a/cs that weren’t sold, were still in my garage.


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