Why would I want you here? (I didn’t call the Heating & A/C company

I had been talking to my acquaintance about where I would find a nice Heating & A/C company.

I wanted to have someone lined up for when I needed my oil furnace & air conditioner component maintained.

She gave myself and others the name of the Heating & A/C company & she even had a card in her iPhone book, with the iPhone number. She gave myself and others the card & asked if I wanted her to call them for me. I wasn’t ready for a Heating & A/C tech & I told her this. I didn’t deliver any thought to the Heating & A/C company after I left her home. About a month later, I had a man knocking on my door. She introduced himself as being a Heating & A/C tech from the local Heating & A/C company. She had a iPhone call to come to my house & do servicing on an air conditioner. I told him I hadn’t called & I didn’t know who had. I didn’t have any complications with either the heating or air conditioner, so why would I want him there? She wasn’t sure what to say, however she managed to apologize & she left. The next morning, my acquaintance came over to ask myself and others what I thought about the Heating & A/C worker. I wanted to know why she would make that iPhone call when I hadn’t asked her to. She easily thought that was why I had asked her about the Heating & A/C company. She apologized, but I was upset. I couldn’t know she took the liberty to call the Heating & A/C company separate from first asking if it was okay, or if I would be at home.
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