Converting a wood burning fireplace to natural gas

When both of us bought our home, a single of the selling points was a absolutely charming wood burning fireplace in the residing room. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that building a fire is a fantastic deal of work. It causes sparks, soot, fumes, smoke and creates concerns with creosote in the chimney; Unwilling to deal with all the drawbacks of a wood burning option, I started looking into possible conversion to natural gas. I l acquired that it’s possible to install an insert and create a much more United Statesble heater. Sold through a dealer, the inserts have met strenuous safety standards and includes automatic shut off settings if there’s a problem. The model also features a blower fan that spreads the heat throughout the downstairs of the house. Both of us don’t need to rest right up close to keep warm. With a cordless remote, we’re able to turn the gas furnace on or off and adjust temperature and fan speed without even getting up off the couch. As soon as it starts up, the natural gas fireplace provides immediate heat. It’s scrub burning, quiet and yet absolutely realistic looking. The ceramic logs are crafted to appear authentic and embers glow around them to simulate real fire. Both of us appreciate the ambience, charm and warmth of the fireplace without any of the hassles. Since the installation, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the comfort of the new home plus a savings on our weekly energy bills. I am happy that the fireplace is finally serving a purpose. It creates such a lovely focal point and it was such a shame to never put it to use.


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