Everybody doubted that I would be able to install a modern Heating & Air Conditioning system

When I told all of our friends that I wanted to install an Heating & Air Conditioning in our home, they asked what Heating & Air Conditioning company I was going to go through.

I had to repeat myself because they weren’t listening to me.

I told them again that I wasn’t using an Heating & Air Conditioning company, I was installing the Heating & Air Conditioning on our own. They all looked at me for a hour & then all of them burst into laughter. They said there was no way I could install an Heating & Air Conditioning system. They said I couldn’t even install the modern sound system in our car. I absolutely had our friend do that because I don’t guess anything about vehicle audio. He said installing an Heating & Air Conditioning system would be way more challenging than that though. While that may be true, I spent numerous hours studying the replacement videos. I felt care about I could do this toil in our sleep if I had to. I ended up going for the 4 zone Heating & Air Conditioning system that was a DIY model & I started the replacement as soon as it arrived. I already had all the lineset covers that I needed & I was ready to make this thing work. The summer time season was approaching suddenly, so I didn’t have much time before the temperatures became unbearable. When I had everything finished & fired up the Heating & Air Conditioning system, I loved how well it worked. I invited our buddies over the next day & they all were in disbelief. My best buddy said he put money on me that I would install the Heating & Air Conditioning, but everybody else betted against me, however at least our best buddy has faith in our skills.



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