I trimmed the hedge a little too thin & received a complaint

I was absolutely shocked when the housing association gave us an issue after I trimmed the hedge a little too thin! On the other side of the hedge, you can see our cooling system condenser component right there.

Because I trimmed the hedge too thin, suddenly the cooling system condenser could be seen from the street & the housing association had an issue with this. They told me that if I didn’t service the issue within 30 days, I would have to spend our money fees. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing because the hedge was going to grow back anyway. I ended up putting some fertilizer on the hedge so it would grow more quickly. Before I knew it, it was becoming too overgrown & I had to trim it again. Of course, it all happened within 30 days & now our hedge is as thick as can be. I suppose I solved the issue, but it still annoys me that they would get on our case for something so ridiculous, even without adding the fertilizer to the hedge, it would have grown back just wonderful & then there would no longer be an issue. I suppose these people just have too much time on their hands & they get a kick out of hassling people. I suppose if I had a task hassling people care about that about their cooling system equipment, I would want to drop dead. I can’t see how anybody could possibly love that type of work. Oh well, I suppose it’s a necessary evil the two of us have in this life, to deal with people who do that kind of work, care about parking meter police. I can’t sit those people.
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