I went for the perfect HVAC system upgrade

When it was time to upgrade my HVAC system, the HVAC professional suggested that we go for a dual fuel system.

I had no idea what the HVAC professional was talking about, so he explained further.

He said the dual fuel system was a heat pump combined with a gas furnace. He explained how when the temperatures dropped low enough, the gas heating system would kick on instead of the heat pump. When the temperatures are above 40, the heat pump does all the heating. When the temperatures get much higher the heat pump is used for cooling purposes when it operates in reverse function. The dual fuel system clearly was a perfect fit for my home and I appreciated the fact that the HVAC professional suggested this upgrade. I tell you this HVAC works like a champ, especially in the winter season. The system is also very energy efficient and I’m surprised with how low my energy bills are with the new system. Lately when people ask me about my HVAC, I am happy to tell them the HVAC company I went through. I actually decided to enroll into their HVAC service plan as well so they are always coming out for regular tune-ups and HVAC system maintenance. I love that they cover everything that the HVAC system needs and I truly never have to worry about any issues with my heating and cooling system. I was looking to keep my investment protected and I think it will last for a very long time. I’m hoping to get at least 25 years out of it.


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