I’m no Heating and Air Conditioning specialist

Confidence is a tricky thing.

In most cases, it’s strenuous to get buy in this world without a bit of confidence.

At the same time, there is a good line there as well. Too much or misplaced confidence can end up sabotaging good intentions. For me, a recent Heating and Air Conditioning experience proved that too much confidence can be overpriced. What I was entirely trying to do was to get the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling back on and save the family a bit of currency. The air conditioner stopped blowing cooling air on a Thursday day. Since it was the weekend, this would have cost us extra to have the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist come out. And of course, I don’t want to spend a dime that I don’t have to spend. So instead of calling the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, I chose to see if I could service the air conditioner myself. This is where the over confidence comes in. I’m pretty handy around the house and am mechanically inclined. But, a trained, certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist I’m not. Yet, this logic somehow escaped myself and others as I went online to diagnose the problem with the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. It appeared to myself and others that I needed to recharge the refrigerant. So I went to the hardware store and bought the kit for that. What I didn’t have were the regular gauges in order to think when to stop filling the refrigerant. And that resulted in myself and others over filling the refrigerant which then cracked some pressing Heating and Air Conditioning components. So not only did I have to spend our savings for the weekend service charge, I had to substitute costly Heating and Air Conditioning device as well.

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