Me and the HVAC contractor are best buds

I’m a director for a hotel that has a successful numerous star resort. I am very happy with the labor that I have completed over more than the last six years. The place was run down at the time I decided to take over and also in multiple years, the resort was turned completely around. Now we have bookings that are sold out nearly every weekend. During my employment, I have acquired a lot of information from the guests. It’s easy to find out what they believe is important. I started making many close relationships with members of the service staff. The AC repairman and myself have actually developed a close relationship. I Heard lots of complaints from guests and it was always about the heating and AC ductwork. Some of the guests did not suppose they felt cool relief when coming back from the pool area. Both of us work diligently together to come up with a service idea to completely substitute all of the AC components within a single year. This was a very extravagant expense, but substituting the entire Heating and also AC system was necessary. The labor was performed over several months and our guest ratings went up a full star after the up-to-date AC equipment was installed. The AC being problematic was easily overlooked by all of the previous managers. The heating and AC professional had not serviced the indoor air quality in nearly 18 months and it was clear from the air vents that it was time to get it done.


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