Old acquaintance shows myself and others the HVAC light

This was the first time our ancient college acquaintance was visiting myself and others in our new city.

She & I went back 25 years & were maybe even better friends now than the two of us were back in the day.

That periodically happens & I’m real thankful that it happened for us. Still, the two of us don’t get to be in each other’s physical presence all that often. But that will change now that I moved north. I don’t like the HVAC heating bills & am not a fan of the cold weather at all. So having our dear neighbor close enough where the two of us can visit each other every few weeks absolutely helps soften the blow. I’m from the south where our Wintertide is tamed by the heat pump. He’s from the north where he’s quite accustomed to the gas furnace & all that goes with heating a house. Now that I’m in the north due to a job transfer, her heating prowess absolutely came in handy. The first evening she spent in our house, she certainly commented on the chill. I replied that’s what you get when you live up north right? The two of us had a laugh & I got him a jacket. But the next day while the two of us were out & about, the two of us stopped at a hardware store. My acquaintance bought an instant study temperature gun there. I was sort of clueless until the two of us got home. Then the two of us decided to go out & she started measuring the temperature all around the exterior of our house. What she found was a whole lot of sites where the HVAC treated heating was leaking out. Thanks to her Wintertide weather proficiency, I’m now toasty warm in our house & the HVAC heating bills are under control.