Party atmosphere is important to the guests

Fall is a great time for anniversary parties because outdoor weather isn’t extremely hot.

I’ve attended some very beautiful anniversary ceremonies when the leaves turn crisp and the air is cold.

I recognize every anniversary party should occur during the season. Last year, some friends of mine went to an anniversary party. It was being held during the Spring season. Most people may recognize spring season weather is not very hot, but southern people have to deal with intensely warm-weather even during the Spring. My buddy did not recognize how necessary it would be to have cool air in the house. A lot of people seem to be incredibly overheated and also it was humid. I found the anniversary party coordinator and also asked if the bride discussed the fact that there was no AC in the suite. I asked if someone was able to change the temperature on the temperature control box. The room was overheated for a long time and it took nearly two hours for the AC to cool down the space. There were sweaty, hot, and also many drunk people and it was necessary to turn on the AC to make sure that everyone was going to be cool while we were having fun. Some people would have been forced to leave early due to heat exhaustion if I had not taken the reins and adjusted the temperature on the thermostat that day. The room was easily 75° when I finally found the thermostat and adjusted the temperature and it is a shame that the party coordinator did not take a moment to think about the indoor air temperatures.


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