Treating our family to central a/c

So far, this summer time has been overcast, rainy and humid, but there’s been unquestionably few sunny days.

After an drastically long Winter with sub zero hot and cold temperatures, bitter wind chill and record-setting amounts of snow, I was really looking forward to shutting down the oil furnace and opening some windows, and i was sad to air out the house, get outside and breathe some fresh air. Instead, it’s been necessary to keep the windows shut against torrential downpours. It’s been nearly impossible to find an opportunity to mow the lawn. The apartment started to know terribly stuffy and clammy. There was condensation running down the windows and continual complications with mold and mildew. I finally had enough of it. The summer time was turning into torture. I called around and found a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier that offers free estimates and had immediate availability. I wanted central a/c installed right away, then since I already have the HVAC duct to supply the oil furnace, the project wasn’t overly involved or invasive. It was fairly costly because I decided to treat our family to a top-of-the-line model. I invested into all of the most advanced and energy saving features, including zoned control, adjustable speed compressor and WIFI attachivity. The cooling system automatically adjusts its speed to the demands of the house, senses concerns with humidity, runs quietly and is able to target the temperature in identifiable rooms, and while the summer time is still a important disappointment, at least the apartment is cold and comfortable. The air filtration and fan keep the air cleaner and healthier; Because I chose an Energy Star rated model, the electrical bills are satisfactory.


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