And I thought both of us had hot afternoons.

My hubby and I finally had vacation at the same time.

  • The two of us were planning on going down south to visit our family for the entire several weeks both of us were off work.

Mom was having a lot of concerns with her mobility and the dentist told her that the cooler weather of the north wasn’t helping. She and dad packed up all their belongings, took our baby sister out of school, and headed south. My sister was excited because they would now be living within a few miles of Disney World. She thought this was the greatest. While both of us were going to see, both of us thought it would be fantastic to take a family trip to Disney World, and I made reservations. Just walking outside from the airport to the parking lot was like walking into a sauna. I hadn’t realized how hot it was since the airport was so well air conditioned. Dad hit a switch on his remote that started the car. By the time both of us got in, the AC was running, and I could feel the sweat drying on our skin and causing our skin to prickle. It felt even warmer when both of us got out of the car and headed into the house. My sister nearly knocked myself and others over when she ran to me. I couldn’t stop laughing and hugging her. I was wondering if I could make it for several ninths in this heat. I asked mom if they had portable a/cs you could carry in your purse. My sister said both of us would get used to the heat, however I wasn’t so sure she was right. Maybe I just had to soak up as much air conditioner as I could while I was still in the house.



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