I can't sit the smell of weed

I started university in September plus the transition has been filled with anxiety, stress plus complications.

I am already thinking about dropping out plus it is only the middle of October. I’m not having any trouble with our classes or instructors, but our dorm roommate is getting on our nerves. The guy has a medical prescription to use weed plus he smokes in our dorm room. I tried to complain to the resident advisor, but there is not anything that she can do since our roommate has a medical prescription. I can’t sit the smell of weed plus everything in our room smells appreciate marijuana. I told our mom plus dad that our clothes plus our books smell appreciate reefer, plus they sent me cash to buy an indoor media air cleaner. I didn’t want to spend $100 on an indoor media air cleaner, but our roommate wasn’t going to stop smoking, but luckily, the media air cleaner dislinks all of the nasty smells from our room. My roommate thought I was being a baby, when I went to the hardware store plus bought an media air cleaner to get rid of the smoke. After I started using the device for several or 4 days, both of us realized how badly our room smelled appreciate smoke plus marijuana. I hoped the fresh indoor smell would make our roommate stop smoking in our dorm, however he is not going to change any of his habits. I’m stuck in a strenuous locale. I have to live with the guy for the next many weeks plus that feels appreciate punishment.

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