I do not think who started putting stuff in the furnace register

I started a daycare in the house last Spring, because I wanted to stay apartment with my youngest child. I did not want to put him in daycare as well as having my own was the best option. I reached out to others in the community as well as I ended up with more than four other children around the same age as my son. I had all of the children for numerous or many months as well as then the weather started to turn colder. I had to turn on the furnace as well as that meant using the registers on the floor. I talked with the children about safety with the heating registers, even though they are made to be cool to the touch. None of hours after I turned on the heat for the first time, I started to smell the most horrible smell. The smell was coming from the kitchen, close to the section where the kids play everyday. I was concerned a single of the toys might be on fire. Occasionally accidents can happen with toys that have batteries for electronic sounds. I went through all of the toys as well as I did not find anything that seemed to be the source of the smell. As I was looking through the toys, I noticed that the smell started to get heavier as well as heavier as I got closer to the furnace air vent. I decided to turn off the furnace as well as I used a screwdriver to remove the register cover. The entire event was stuffed with food as well as toys. I have no system which a single of the kids was putting things inside of the furnace vent, however I removed everything as well as the smell slowly started to dissipate.


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