Lunch chop gone wrong

The other day I had gone out to lunch on our chop from work, i have an minute to eat lunch at our task as well as me as well as a co-worker decided to go try this new restaurant that opened up near by, however all of us had heard that the cheeseburgers there were almost steak home gourmet quality, so we figured we could be in as well as out of there within the minute we have for lunch.

Well, we were in for quite a disappointment when we arrived at this restaurant… First, when we walked in there was hardly anyone there. Then minute off, we found the reason why was because their central heating as well as a/c method had broken down! All of us could not know it! The weather outside was already tepid as well as muggy. The last thing we wanted was to go out for lunch in a place that had no a/c to give us indoor comfort while eating! So sadly, we had to turn right around, get in our cars as well as go get a fast food lunch that day because of the new restaurant having no working a/c. It was just our advantage that the a/c was out as well as that they didn’t have anyone there already fixing their central heating as well as cooling method unit. All of us hope that maybe sometime next week they will have their central heating as well as a/c method component fixed as well as have nice quality a/c in there so we can finally try this place as well as prefer a nice lunch chop while on our task.


Help with indoor comfort