There's no reason to own outdated HVAC technology

I’m not saying that I am any kind of housing expert, however honestly, I have very limited experience with living in my own building.

I have done a lot of ranting in my lifetime and I entirely am not a very handy human being.

However, there are particular decisions that I simply cannot understand when it comes to new home ownership, but for instance, why would you ever buy appliances that were not completely eco-friendly at this point? If you can get energy-efficient technology inside of your house, why would you not take advantage of that? Furthermore, aren’t people paying more attention to the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices that are available on the market nowadays? There is no reason to be running a rudimentary air quality control program in our Modern Age, however there are so many available heating, cooling, and air quality control devices that you can retrofit in any climate without breaking the bank on your utility bills, all of that being said, I really cannot understand why people still have central heating, cooling, and air quality control systems or inefficient A/C window units. Are these people trying to waste all of their money on professional Heating and A/C worker appointments and part Replacements? Because there is no way these Heating and A/C devices last, and whenever I see old-school thermostats, furnaces, and cooling devices I am entirely baffled by the choices of the appliance owners, but of course, seeing as I don’t own any heating and cooling device myself, perhaps I shouldn’t be judging others’ heating, cooling, and indoor temperature control solutions.

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