A strange spring day

Spring is supposed to be the time where the weather begins to get warm and summer is right around the corner.

However, the way the climate has been going nuts these days this is not always the case.

This past spring we were having really nice weather to where you did not even need to use the central heating and air conditioning system unit at all. Then, out of nowhere it became super freezing and I had to turn on the central heating as if it were the middle of January! I am not kidding! I had never used my central heating this time of the year before in all of my life. But now this happened. What was even crazier was that the very next day, I had to crank the central air conditioning system after it got way too hot for this time of the year. It was like the middle of July! I am not kidding here. The central heating and air conditioning system of mine was getting a real work out for about 2 weeks with it being the central heating one day and the central air conditioning the next. The climate could not make up its mind on wether it should be hot, cold or normal temperatures. Finally this all stopped and it was normal as it should have been. I did not have to run my central heating and air conditioning system again until the summer came. And believe me, the summer was a super hot one! I was running that central air conditioning system almost twenty four hours per day and seven days per week!
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