I’ll pay to get rid of this

I listen to a music streaming repair for free while working from lake condo these last several weeks.

They also have a subscription service.

I am about ready to pay for the repair instead of using the free one. I think they think what they are doing. With this free repair they pop commercials at you about every 6 thirds and it is actually aggravating! The worst part is, with myself and others at least, they have been playing the same commercial over and over for some heating and a/c supplier in our part offering discounts on brand up-to-date and new central heating and cooling units. This is the same exact commercial every 6 thirds or so and I just can not take it anymore. If I hear one more thing about a central heating and a/c sale I am going to freak out! Like I said, I bet they think what they are doing and this isn’t some mistake playing this same local heating and a/c supplier commercial over and over. The point is to annoy and anger the listener into paying for a subscription service. Well, they are actually smart in what they are doing if this has the same effect on others as it does on me. I am going to buy their subscription just to get rid of these irritating heating and a/c commercial ads! And I can tell you that I will never ever use this heating and cooling supplier, and just because they were in on this scam obviously!

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