I’m thankful my father taught me how to take great care of the HVAC system

It’s a good thing that my father taught me practical things when I was a youngster.

He showed me different energy saving tips like sealing everything up in the winter month for lower energy bills.

He taught me how important it is to change the air filters to protect the HVAC system and keep the air quality good at the same time. He also taught me how to clean the ductwork. When I eventually moved out on my own, I kept my HVAC system in great shape. Even when I knew it wasn’t my HVAC system, I still wanted to use it to make sure the air quality was regularly good and I wanted to keep the HVAC in great working order. I find that with a little HVAC maintenance and help from the professionals, you can keep your energy bills extremely low. It seems a lot of people don’t understand and just want to take shortcuts. You honestly don’t want to work on your own HVAC, that can void the warranty. It’s different if you’re just cleaning it out to keep it properly maintained. I love making sure that the A/C condenser unit is cleaned out every single springtime. This is another great energy saving tip too because it allows your A/C system to work without stressing too much and it uses less energy to provide cooling to your home. I tell people stuff like this all the time, friends and family, but it seems like nobody ever listens. I guess a lot of people just have to learn the hard way what happens when you don’t take good care of your HVAC system.
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