Major setback causes the company to fire a few employees with redundant positions

It was a frigid afternoon when I received a call from our business’s CEO; He suggested that I get to the office as soon as I could! I had just gotten home from a night shift. I was looking forward to enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and about 4hours of sleep. I had just taken off our safety shoes and when I got the call. I left my current home in a rush… As I drove to the office, I noticed dark smoke coming from the boiler room. I had spent the night doing boiler service and so I was worried. I quickly changed into our work gear and headed to the plan floor. I met the lead heating specialist and a few agents from the homeowner solution business downtown; The specialist briefed myself and others on the events of the afternoon. After the servicing, I drained all the oil and turned off the gas oil furnace which led to the terrible quality heating that contributed to the explosion, however upon further investigation, it was discovered that the wireless temperature control was turned off and both of us had a faulty geo heat pump. The ants right away revoked our operating license and ordered us to meet a few requirements. Installing the current HVAC and performing respected heating system service were among the requirements suggested to us. The agents suggested that both of us inquire more about heating from a single of their top heating dealers in the heating business. The distributor would propose quality HVAC equipment. All our operations had come to a standstill, then several meetings were held as both of us tried to discuss ways on how to meet the requirements as the business was short on cash as well. The CEO suggested both of us lay off a few workers whose positions had become redundant.


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