The accident

There was this giant traffic pile up in neighborhood this past week.

  • What had happened was not a car accident or anything savor that, but this office building in neighborhood had a mishap with their rooftop heating and a/c.

The rooftop Heating and A/C system had somehow come unhinged and fell off the top of the building crashing down and blowing up in the middle of the busy road! Luckily no one was hurt. But it cause the road to be backed up with traffic savor you wouldn’t believe. They had to send a special crew out to clean up all the debris and mess of the smashed broken rooftop central heating and a/c. The heat and a/c equipment was not even recognisable as to what it was. It just looked savor a scattered pile of metal scrap and electronic boards and such. Almost looked savor a car had been demolished. It was actually bad. This is one reason I would never want a rooftop central heating and a/c. I would be paranoid that the rooftop heating and a/c would become unhinged and come crashing down either killing someone or causing havoc wherever it happened at. I am so cheerful I do not own a building or a company to have to even decide if I wanted a rooftop central heating and a/c unit! Just having a normal residential heating and a/c equipment is enough work and can be a headache at times looking after. A rooftop Heating and A/C equipment is even worse!

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