Until recently, I knew that all cooling and warming systems are located above ground. However, this past winter, I had the opportunity to replace my unit since the previous one almost killed my family and me. We had been using a gas furnace each winter for the past 20 years, however last week, when my children did not wake up, and I was nursing a migraine, we decided to go into the ER. After examination, we were diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. The heating technician confirmed that the issue was caused by a leak in the boiler. The repairman had just done heater maintenance on the unit but it was aged and something like this was not unusual. When replacing the unit, I had decided to change to a safer system. The heating dealer had recommended a geo heat pump because of its amazing benefits. For one, it would be installed underground, meaning it would be protected from the elements. The new HVAC system would also not need boiler repairs. It has low servicing and operational costs. Though the purchasing price and installation are quite high, we got a good deal at the homeowner solutions since they were having a mega sale. My neighbor’s kept asking why my backyard was being dug up and when I told them about the new unit, they were surprised. The only regulator that would work with this quality HVAC equipment would be the wifi thermostat that was gifted to me by the heating business as an after-sales service. Even though I did not know more about heating, I could tell that this unit was providing quality heating within the first few days of using it. My neighbors would come to my house just to experience the perfect indoor comfort.

New HVAC upgrade makes me the envy in the neighborhood

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