Went looking for new heating units

Before getting into the winter season this year, I realized that I had to upgrade my heating equipment. I had already been saving up funds because my heating system was already past it’s time. The heating equipment actually lasted longer than I expected, but I knew I could not risk going into another winter with my HVAC system that was now lacking. So I went to the HVAC company and I started looking at new heating units. An HVAC expert came to help me and suggested that I have an HVAC worker come out to my home for a free consultation. I decided to do that and the HVAC worker asked me if I ever considered having a ductless HVAC system in my home. I honestly had never heard about ductless HVAC systems before that time, and the HVAC professional told me what I would expect. He started telling me about having a ductless mini split installed in my home. While I was only looking for a good heating system, he explained that this system actually has both heating and cooling capabilities. It also has a smart feature where you can hook it up to connect with your phone so you can adjust the temperature control settings or put it in learning mode to pick up on your preferred settings. It all sounded good to me so I went for the installation. This new ductless mini split has been working great so far during this winter season. The temperatures around here never dip too low, but the heating system has me covered down to negative 5 degrees. I figure that’s perfect because we honestly never have the temperatures drop that low.

a/c rep