Always been skilled with electronics

I’ve always been pretty good with electronics ever since I was young. Even when I had a nintendo entertainment system, I got pretty creative with fixing that thing when it wasn’t working. My brother would always come to me when the system wasn’t working and I would always find a way to get it working again. Even the fan in the room we shared, I was able to pull that apart to get it to work again too. With the fan, it was just a simple wiring issue that was easy to resolve. I would use my father’s tools and then I would return them because he hated when anybody touched his tools. As long as they were always put back though, he never knew that I borrowed anything. When I became older, I was able to afford tools of my own and I always helped fix things around the house, even the plumbing. I mean it wasn’t fun learning how to replace the wax ring under the toilet, but that’s something I did for my parents as they just wanted to hire a plumber. My father was proud of me and said I seemed to be a jack of all trades. I realized that was a great idea too, to learn different trades. I learned how to work on cars, various electronics, and I even learned how to build a subwoofer which is awesome. I also learned how to work on HVAC systems and this became a major thing for me. I ended up becoming HVAC certified and I was top in my class. I have now been working for a reputable HVAC company for a few years, and the boss is talking about me eventually running the place, which would be amazing!


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