Decided to go for the extreme HVAC service plan

When the HVAC professional was working on my HVAC system last, I was wondering if there was a way I could save on the expenses with this maintenance.

I asked the professional and he smiled. He said there were several options for me to save money and he started telling me about the different HVAC service plans that were available to enroll in. There was a minimal maintenance plan that only covered the tune-ups for the heating and cooling system, but didn’t cover repairs or anything like that. Then there was the regular HVAC service plan which covered tune-ups, ductwork cleaning, and up to 4 repairs per year. I thought that sounded great. The extreme HVAC service plan was tempting though and that included HEPA filter changes and everything else as well! Also considering the prices, the extreme HVAC service plan was a pretty good deal considering that you were able to get the HEPA filters. He said a lot of people that go for the extreme HVAC service plan usually prefer excellent air quality in their homes. I had to ask, “Who doesn’t appreciate great air quality?” The HVAC technician agreed and asked if I wanted to enroll officially in any of the HVAC service plans. He said if I went for the regular or extreme pan, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for this service call out of my pocket, I would just have to pay the annual fee for the services. I thought it sounded great so I signed up for the extreme HVAC service plan.

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