I finally learned why my parents were so stingy with the temperature control settings

When I was a youngster, I was always asking my parents if I could go spend time with my buddies and I would even ask to spend the night at their homes.

My parents would typically say no to me spending the night in another home, regardless if it was a good friend of mine with reasonable parents.

One reason why I always wanted to get out of my house was because my parents were always stingy with the temperature control settings. Seriously, it would be a warm summer day and they would either have the windows open or the temperature control settings would be at around 80 degrees. What kind of cooling are you going to get if the thermostat is set so high? It was always way too hot in our home and we were only permitted to use fans and messing with the thermostat was totally out of the question. At my friends’ houses though, they always had their thermostats set around 70 degrees which felt like heaven to me. I loved being over at their houses just playing video games and enjoying the wonderful A/C system while it cranked all the frosty A/C from the HVAC vents. The struggle for A/C at home was crazy, but I was able to survive living with my parents somehow over the years. As soon as I moved out on my own, I started cranking the A/C like crazy, but I quickly learned that it cost me a lot of money on the energy bills. I had to learn to be stingy with the temperature control settings too to save money.

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