I had a project for college

I had a project that I had to do for my science class at college, and so I started doing an internship with a bee extermination dealer, but this was an advanced science class and the two of us were supposed to find something that the two of us were interested in and do a whole large paper and project out of it! Anyway, I was interested in doing a honey and beekeeping project for the project and so I asked around all over the place to see if I could find a honey farm in our area, however i was just going to volunteer there to get experience, although I couldn’t find a single honey farm anywhere close by to volunteer at and that’s how I ended up at a bee extermination company instead.

I found out that this particular place never does bee extermination on bumble bees or honey bees, so that was nice news.

They easily regularly try to relake house and remove these types of bees whenever possible, since they are easily important and nice for the environment; Of course, I have no issue at all with killing wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets! Anyway, whenever I talked to the owner of the bee extermination dealer, he said that they usually only deal with yellow jackets. I got a lot of experience by toiling with him and I got a great grade on my project! Not only that, although I assume I might easily be interested in going into the bee removal company myself someday! Once I graduate from high college, I might be a bee exterminator.